Fancher Genealogy

Information contained on these pages about individuals and families has been obtained from various sources and much of the information has not been verified with primary sources.

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2660  -  Individuals
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975  -  Family Groups
1690  -  Earliest Birth Year
2004  -  Latest Birth Year
   Ancestors of Alexander Fancher
   Ancestors of Joseph William Myers
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Genealogy is compiled by Frank Kirkman, the main sources are; "The Fancher Family" by William Hoyt Fancher, "Richard Fancher (1700-1764) of Morris County, New Jersey; Richard Fancher's Descendants 1764-1992 Fancher-Fansher-Fanchier-Fanshier" by Paul Buford Fancher; "Westward With The Sun" by Burr Fancher

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