Frank Kirkman's Mountain Meadows Massacre Site
by Burr Fancher
As read by Burr Fancher at the 2007 150th Year Memorial at Mountain Meadows
We come to this hallowed place,
To honor those who went before;
They were the pioneers of our race
and creators of our family lore.
Cattle, gold and earthly life,
gone with the blink of an eye;
Entire families brutally slain,
amid the sound of the orphan cry.
Burr Fancher
From Spadra Landing and Beller Spring
The wagons headed West;
To seek new homes and better lives
and then they stopped to rest.
This quiet meadow in Utah
seemed the perfect place;
But evil walked this sacred ground
to shame the human race.
Do your duty was the cry
of sixty fiends from hell;
They not only did their grisly task,
they did it oh so well.
Leaving seventeen sobbing orphans
too young to tell the tale;
What can we do as descendants
to make it all seem well?
Bodies were stripped of clothes and gold
And left scattered across the plain;
Wolves and ravens did their part
to desecrate those from the train.
For 18 months they were treated
Like garbage tossed to the wind;
A Christian burial denied them
without presence of kith or kin.
Major Carleton came to bury the dead
And construct a Christian cross
He investigated the cause of death
And reported on the loss.
Justice almost came here
With a man named Cradlebaugh;
But the politics in Salt Lake
Forced him to withdraw.
 There is the story of the orphans
Stuck in the killer's lair
Waiting for Dr. Forney and Captain Lynch
To end their long despair
Old Jim Lynch found them
And brought them across the plains
To join their loving relatives
All casualties of the wagon train.
I heard the story long, long ago
as I sat at Grandma's knee;
She shared her frontier philosophy
of “what is to be will be.”
Grandma spoke of Colonel William Dame
And a Bishop named Isaac Haight
She recalled the name of John D. Lee
And how he met his fate.
The human remains we honor today
Have been ravaged by nature and man;
Their grave torn down in 1861
on the order of an upturned hand.
Magotsu Creek also took it's toll
When it washed the grave away;
A backhoe incident in recent years
was a further price to pay.
Many things remain undone
the full story must be told;
Its time to step up to the plate
and with the truth be bold.
We all know who did the awful deed
and where the gold and cattle went;
Making it part of a history class
is time much better spent.
What was done so many years ago
should now be left behind;
What lies ahead for these tortured souls
should be the challenge for our minds.
Each of us has a viewpoint
of where we need to go;
It is time to reach consensus,
our dead would want it so.
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© Copyright 2006 Frank Kirkman. All rights reserved.