Frank Kirkman's Mountain Meadows Massacre Site
Mountain Meadows Photos 2003
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This looking south west from Dan Sill Hill and to the immediate north of the Rock Cairn.
Looking west from Dan Sill Hill.
Looking to the Northwest from Dan Sill Hill. The area on the right is the area containing the remains of the massacre victims.
Looking north one can see the flat area where the Old Spanish Trail runs diagonally across the meadow beginning at the west edge of the Hwy 18. In that location lies the bones of the women and children killed by the by the cold blooded robbers and murders of the Mormon Navuoo Legion. The rancher that had owned the property Clive Burgess related to me that his father covered up the bones with mules and a Fresno Scraper years ago.
The land has recently been purchased by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints Corporation so that they can have complete control over the bodies of the victims murdered in cold blood by their Mormon members and Cult President Bridgham Young.
Indians marked the spot by marking an arrow on a rock and pointing it in the direction of the bones.
Fresno Scraper in use on the Sunny Bank Farm in Nicolaus, Calif.
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