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Springfield , Ill , July 12. Capt. JohnTobin, formerly a resident of .California, later of St. Louis , and still later of Springfield , will be one of District Attorney Howard's principal witnesses to prove Brigham Young's personal connection with the massacre of the Gentiles. His name is mentioned in Lee's confession.

The LDS Church has knowingly sponsored, endorsed, and forever immortalized this butcher into history. 
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He tells a long story, which is, in substance, that having gained the confidence of Young by aiding Mormon emigrants, he was appointed instructor of the Territorial Militia, which position he resigned because the cavalry were used as avengers.

Subsequently he undertook to guide a party of three strong, outspoken anti- Mormons to California, but the party was overtaken by a band of mounted Mormons led by Brigham Young, Jr., and compelled to stop "under the pretense that they were going to California to misrepresent Mormonism.
They finally proceeded, but were continually dogged by Mormons, who at length fired upon them as they wore encamping at night, The party were left for dead, and the Mormons, taking their horses, rode away. Sixty hours afterward the United States mail-wagon and a party en route to San Bernardino took them up, but two of their number died soon after.

Tobin received a shot in the right eye, which made him nearly blind. He claims to have im portant documentary evidence of plottings against the Government and the Gentiles on the part of Brigham Young.


The New York Times

Published: July 13, 1877
Crime without cause
Brigham Young desecrated the Original Christian Cross and Rock Cairn
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