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"And if the Gentiles wish to see a few tricks, we have “Mormons” that can perform them. We have the meanest devils on the earth in our midst, and we intend to keep them for we have use for them; and if the Devil does not look sharp, we will cheat him out of them at the last, for they will reform and go to heaven with us."—Brigham Young, January 17, 1858 , Journal of Discourses , Vol. 6, p. 176

Virtually every federal officer who became involved the investigations of the massacre would conclude that Young personally ordered the atrocity, used his position to shield the killers who had followed his instructions, and personally directed the elimination of all evidence incriminating himself and his closest advisers.
Brigham Young, Governor of Utah, Superintendent of Indian Affairs in Utah, and President of the LDS Church.
Juanita Brooks fervently contended that John D. Lee "would have carried out no orders which he thought would be contrary to the wishes of Brigham Young.
The LDS Church has knowingly sponsored, endorsed, and forever immortalized this butcher into history!  Mormon Ethics
Paiute chiefs Tonche and Jackson told federal investigators that they carried with them a letter from Young ordering the emigrants to be killed, though no such document was ever found.
In 1858, Young was pardoned by President Buchanan for his role in the Mountain Meadows Massacre. If he was not involved in the massacre why did the Church's second Prophet have to be pardoned?
Deseret was a theocracy and it was common knowledge in the cult that it was a treasonous act not to follow the orders of the Prophet of the Church, thus the Mountain Meadows Massacre occured. The Iron County Militia was following the orders of Brigham Young. Not one of them was ever sanctioned by Brigham Young for committing the Blood Bath at Mountain Meadows! Exactly the opposite happened Jacob Hamblin was rewarded with another wife and John D. Lee was purposely hidden from the Feds by Brigham Young. (Brigham Young's desecration of the Christian Cross and gravesite)
Governor Alfred Cummings that was appointed to replace Young shortly after the massacre told the Salt Lake Daily Tribune he believed Young "to have been the prime mover in the conspiracy that consummated that massacre, and that he ought to have been indicted as an accessory before the fact." Cummings went on to describe Young as " one on the damndest rascals that ever went unhung."
Helen Brockett, a niney-two-year-old descendant of a Salt Lake City Mormon, was told by her grandmother that her great-grandfather J. J. Davidson had been ordered by Brigham Young to go south to participate in the slaughter. " Instead, Davidson "backtracked through a river bed" and fled to California. For years afterward he lived in fear of Young's retribution.
The apostate Bishop Philip Klingensmith, of the Cedar City Ward was reportedly chased into Sonora Mexico and killed by Brigham Young's hit men.                                      Was he killed by Mormon Danites?
"Even giving Young the benefit of the doubt about the massacre, his actions after the massacre were inexcusable. A "man of God" would have deplored the murders loudly and with great publicity, would have actively pursued everyone involved, would have seen that justice was served, by finding and arresting the many dozens of men involved in the mass murder of innocents.

Instead, Brigham Young desecrated their memories by scattering the stones of their memorial, and only then making his statement about finally getting some vengeance. The Mormon Church doesn't dispute these facts.

How, under any interpretation, can these immoral actions be reconciled with the fact that he is revered by Mormons? Why does this man, who should be disgraced and infamous, have his name on the Mormon Church's flagship university?" - Craig A. James, Author of "THE EVOLUTION OF RELIGION."
Some of the information on this page was gleened from; AMERICAN MASSACRE by Sally Denton   LDS TRIAL LAWYER defends the Massacre
Eyewitnesses and Sources to the Mountain Meadows Massacre
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