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January 20, 2007
When assessing blame for the massacre, one must never forget the schemers and planners who lacked the guts to do their own dirty work (very much like Iraq ) but eager to set forth plans for others.
What does "very much like Iraq" mean?  Is this some sort of political statement?  If so, it degrades the rest of your commentary to take a cheap shot at our president and the good men and women who serve this great country.
Pastor Eric Rogers  
(proud American)   

I have a relative living in the USA who is 101. He tells me that his great grandfather William Brynn (who was my great, great grandfather) his wife Jane and their 3 children Rebecca, Anne and Thomas were on the wagon train which was attacked at Mountain Meadows. Apparently the parents were killed and the three children were rescued, and later raken back to Wales. THey appear on the 1861 census with their grandparents, bnut I've never been able to trace their parents. Is there any way to verify this family history?
Lorna Cruddas, Hereford U.K

For your information:

Even if it has to do with politics (of which it is counter-productive for us to take advantage), this is from a fairly significant person in the media and it helps our cause.  Too bad that Mitt is going to become Brigham's next “adopted son” and go down with the ship. Open the attached page: The Darker Side of Mormonism
-Ron Wright <>

Dear sir: 5/09/2007
I am an avowed non-mormon, born-again Christian person living in Utah.  Recently I have taken keen interest in the hideous Mountain Meadows Massacre and came upon your website and all its excellent links, photots, articles, etc. 
I have been reading as much as I can find about the incident and it's shameful cover-up by the LDS church.  Presently I am reading Juanita Brooks' book and although discouraged by her apparent justification of mormon behavior towards passing emigrant trains, I am interested in her footnotes, depositions, and journal entries. 
Are you aware of any items that may be purchased that would draw awareness to the massacre and it's continued cover-up by the church?  Items of rememberance and outrage.  Perhaps bumper stickers or t-shirts.  I would love, for example, to display a bumper sticker on my car that says something like Never Forget Mountain Meadows, Sept. 11 1857... something along those lines. 
Also, I would like to communicate with you or others regarding the LDS church's wonton disregard of the victims and their descendants in their refusal to erect a Christian cross at the memorial.  This is another outrage that I would be interested in campaigning against. 
I look forward to hearing from you, and again, thank you for your interesting website. 
Very Truly Yours,
Mrs. Tracy C. Ayers
Ogden, Utah

My husband and I are going to visit the MMM. I am the great grandaughter of Prudence Dunlap. I am really just now getting info on the MMM. Would you suggest places  that I can visit in Cedar City or the surrounding area . Thank you very much.  

Sir 5/22/2007
I would like to start as a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints to say the murders were wrong. However you account is also wrong on several points. First when the party arrived in Salt Lake they were advised to take the northern route not the southern. They in fact started going north and most turned and went south. Second the Saints were never told not to trade with the party they were told not give grain for their animals. This same order was given for the Saints own animals. This can be shown by two accounts of Saints who did indeed trade with the party. As for the problems that arose no problems were reported before the party reached Fillmore Utah. To say that the Mormons spread rumors of trouble is a half truth. The most likely real events are. Many Saints did refuse to trade this then made party members angry and words started to be exchanged as the party went from settlement to settlement. As individuals travel faster the parties word spread of the problems and as always happens thing became exaggerated (example look at all the stories from Hurricane Katrina about rapes and murders that latter turned out to be false and exaggerated) As the party moved through the area fillings became worse on both sides and antagonistic statements were made. By the time the party reached Cedar City tensions were high. A meeting was held on the 6th to decide what to do and reluctantly it was decided to send a rider to Slat Lake asking for advise. This rider left in the evening and made the 300 Mile ride in three days (a record that still holds today) Upon receiving the request Brigham Young allowed the rider to rest while he wrote a response and sent the rider back to Cedar City. On the 7th the Attacks started. Remember that the rider was not even 1/3 of the way to Salt Lake. The rider arrived in Salt Lake on the 10th the murders were finished on the 11th. When the rider returned the act was finished. We now must look at what that letter said. They were told to leave the party alone. This leads to two important questions. Why send a letter to Brigham if he had ordered the murders? If he ruled with an iron fist this would only have angered him had he already given the orders. Why send a response to let them be? Had the party held out two more days (Brigham would have had no idea how long the party would out) a letter would have been received saying do nothing this would have caused confutation.
Again the act was despicable however trying to make one side seem absolutely innocent and that they had treated the other with absolute respect is just as wrong. It is Just as wrong to take one man who was trying to hold together a group of people from many divers cultures together, keep out the U.S. Army, and run a church all at the same time and blame him for all that went wrong.
To understand what happened we all must remove the blinders and look at the circumstances of the time. The Saints bad been forced out of their home at gun point. Many had been murdered for the only cause of their beliefs. They had seen their wives and daughters raped. They had their lands stolen from them. They had the only extermination order ever sighed in the United States signed against them. They  had tried several times to us the courts to get their constitutional right returned to them and were denied. River was up all over the country against them. everywhere they went they say this. Now people come into their lands and trouble starts all over. Those in this small area decided to act. They were wrong just as those who had murdered their families were wrong and just as we are if we do not take an honest look at all sides of this event
Larry McMillan

Hi, Everyone, 5/22/2007

These are the links to the video clips that have been uploaded for sharing on YouTube.

My user name on YouTube is Micah1857. If you have seen the movie, you can figure it out!

Cut and paste the body of this email into your own email and send it out to people interested in September Dawn.

Pls check out these links on YouTube and register so you can give the videos high ratings so they get featured more prominently.

John Voight on Bishop Samuelson's ability to fan his people's paranoia and incite them to follow their leaders' order to massacre the emigrants.

Terence Stamp on his portrayal of Brigham Young as a man who truly believed he was doing God's work.

Trent Ford on the powerful forces shaping Jonathan Samuelson — his love for Emily, his struggle with his forceful father, and the bond with his brother.

Tamara Hope admires Emily Hudson's forward-thinking attitude and her willingness to be open to new people and new ideas.

Dean Cain on Joseph Smith's death at the hands of a mob, the events that set in motion and the need for the truth to be revealed.

Lolita Davidovich discusses Nancy Dunlap's misgivings about staying at Mountain Meadows and her premonition of danger.

Massacre descendants tell the story of the Mountain Meadows tragedy as clips from the film illustrate their narrative.

The Secret

The lure of a wealthy wagon train, the Mormon leadership's decision to kill the emigrants, and the 150-year cover-up.

The Journey

The journey from Arkansas , the emigrants' relief at finding a safe place to rest, and the Mormons' growing suspicion of outsiders.

The Untold Story

The detailed Mormon planning of the murders — how they deceived the emigrants, duped the Paiutes into participating and carried out the executions.

FEATURETTE : A Closer Look at September Dawn

Go behind the scenes with the cast, filmmakers and victims' descendants as they discuss the massacre and the making of the film.





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Frank, 5/27/2007
My thanks to you for helping me make my book more accessible. I certainly wish I had your webmastering abilities.
In all sincerity, I can't imagine the frustration you, your relatives and ancestors must have so long endured knowing, and perhaps not knowing,that "truth" and "justice" had been so grotesquely misapplied for the benefit of those respectful of neither.

If you have read my book, or at some point if you do, it would be a special honor for me to know what you thought of it. I've often wondered, especially when writing the chapters about the massacre, how the descendants on your side might personally respond. Not wanting to rub salt in an old wound, it was a matter of considerable concern for me. I imagined that descendants could, or would, experience it quite differently than would the general public. I chose to write it as accurately as I believe it occurred so as to respect the truth and not minimize the tragedy of it. I can only hope my choice will be viewed in that light, and that it will not hurt or offend.

Aside from that, if you can give me any advice on how I might better go about promoting my book, it would be much appreciated. (i.e other webswites I should visit
or post to.) You've already been a big help to me. Perhaps someday soon we will be able to meet and I can then thank you personally.
With the movie coming out, and this September 11 being the 150th anniversary, I expect these are exciting times for people who share our interest.
Thanks again Frank,
Wayne A. Capurro <>
*Note: WAYNE ATILIO CAPURRO is a descendant of Philip Klingonsmith who at the time of the massacre was the Bishop of the Cedar City Ward, Mr. CAPURRO, is also the author of "WHITE FLAG: America's First 9/11".

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