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Dear Friends,
This is just a friendly reminder about my book signing ("WHITE FLAG: America's First 9/11")and discussion next Wednesday in Henderson at the Barnes & Nobles bookstore on 576 N. Stephanie St. in Henderson, Nevada.
I understand some of you can't make it, but you may know someone who might be interested in the subject of my book. This September 11 will mark the
sesquicentennial anniversary of the Mountain Meadows Massacre in 1857. The movie about it,"September Dawn", comes out this Aug. 24. If you know someone who might be interested, you can direct them to my website . Or just tell them to show up Aug. 8th at 7:00 PM.
Thank you for reading this and I hope to see you there.
Wayne A. Capurro
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Ron Wright   8/12/2007
This article is going to be put out just before September eleventh.  A well-constructed “history” as re-written and abridged by the LDS chief historian.  It has a lot of the truth – salted with fake or near-truth “records” and keeps the arm a long way from Brigham Young or the leadership of the LDS.
HOWEVER:  Even if the full truth continues to be covered up by the President of the church (Gordon Hinckley), it continues to be shown as false simply because the LDS continues to refuse to allow appropriate (Federal) stewardship of the site.  Why?  Why is it that the LDS has arranged for millions of US taxpayer's dollars to be spent on getting their own history to be under federal control?  Why is it that the LDS has spent millions of their own dollars to honor their dead from such tragedies as a blizzard?  And why – WHY Mr. Hinckley – do you answer the question with “it is not in the best interest of the LDS church?”

See the link below:
Same Article on site

John Bick 8/27/2007
i have done much research on this issue, and have even seen the new movie september dawn and from all this i find the mormons completely at fault. john

Jay Beswick 9/2/2007
RE: The Three Groups MMMF, MMA & MMMD
The issue of the monument has been of interest to me, since reading Major Carleton's report of 1859.  I continue to find myself in debates over this in Utah newspaper blogs and might want to get involved in the edges of this politically. I have been up to my eyeballs in the polygamy issue with Warren Jeffs since August of 2000 and with his arrest and prosecution under way in St. George, that is now a back burner interest.  I am one of the cited sources in Jon Krakauers book and got way deep into rescuing girls from polygamy while living there 9 years between 1992 and 2001.
I don't want my head ripped off, but it seems to me that a real autopsy by forensic pathologist makes sense toward ending the debates.  Had Novak had more than 2 days, more conclusions might of been verified.  I am out of Utah now living in LA County, but Wednesday I will be in Washington County for personal reasons, so I still get to Utah on occasion.  .
Addressing polygamy and child abuse in Utah, I have had dealings with several interesting people, alot from government, the church and lots of media.  I love data and acquired over 500 audios of the polygamous prophet in Warren Jeffs of the FLDS, which has introduced interesting contacts. Even now on the 11th hour to trial the Washington County DA is reviewing audio's provided to him
MMM like the polygamy issue for children is an issue that bothers me, Carleton's report, along with data sent to me by Sandra Tanner has kept me fueled in debates I probably should be avoiding. GOOGLE me if you like, but tell me how to get involved in MMMF.  Living in Southern Utah 9 years as an activist had me knee deep in several issues, most connected with each other, simply do to the areas smaller population.
Jay Beswick <>

RE: KMPH News Video See video here
Awesome..! I have been waiting for a news story like this. I was born and raised in Tulare, CA

Sent: Monday, September 03, 2007 11:15 PM
Subject: Removal and expunge from all LDS records baptisimal or any other LDS ritual documents on victims of the Mountain Meadows Massacre
Dear Elder Jensen:
This is in response to an article I read in the Deseret News, in which you were quoted as saying you only have received only one request to remove the names of only a few people from the LDS baptismal database.
As a family member of two young men who were murdered by Mormons at the Mountain Meadows in 1857, James and William Prewit, I demand the LDS Church and all of its affiliated people and entities expunge from your records any information that would lead one to believe that the LDS or its people have baptized or otherwise brought the souls of these two murder victims into any kind of ritual, baptism, or otherwise accepted them as Mormons, LDS members, Saints, Gods, or any kind of acceptance by the LDS whatsoever.
I am deeply affronted that your organization would have the nerve to do such a thing after the atrocities that occurred by members of your organization against my kin.  These boys were Christian men on their way to California and were too young to have families as direct descendents.  They were the brothers of my great, Great Grandmother, Barbara Prewit-Wright.
Please consider this e-mail as my direct demand to the LDS church and respond to me that you have arranged to satisfy my demand.
Ronald W. Wright
22550 Nelson Road
Bend , OR   97701

Hi Frank,
I am a bit disappointed to find that your site is simply an attack site. There is no question that the MMM was a tragedy. It was horrible. Those who were involved will be held accountable before God. But there is absolutely no conclusive evidence to point to Brigham or the general leadership of the church as being involved. There are some indirect or second-hand pointers, such as the accusation of John - trying to save my own skin - Lee.
I'll go as far as acknowledging the involvement of people such as Higbee, Klingensmith, Haight and a reluctant Dame. And there were certainly quite a few more, since it took a number of men to pull off the deceptive murders. But I have never found anything to prove that Brigham or the general leadership were involved. In fact, much of the evidence appears to support that they did not have any prior knowledge or involvement.
I say, let the past go. Can there be healing if these things continue to be drug around? And for your site to support a movie as professionally done but poorly accurate as "September Dawn" does nothing to help this along. (See one of the many reviews here
I am a lifelong Mormon. I have ancestors who were persecuted, driven from their homes, and who even had family die in the process by those who professed to be following Christ. The events that the Mormons were subjected to were far more widespread, lasted much longer, and were - as a whole - cut even deeper than those of the MMM. I say that without intending to minimize that tragedy at all. But my point is that the murders, rapes, harassments and so on against the Mormons took place on a much wider scale, and for quite a number of years. I would never ask for the government to step in and take control of certain sites. And I have never allowed the wounds to fester in my soul.
I wish you and all of those who are descended from that tragedy the best. As far as I know, none of my ancestors were involved. I certainly was not. But I'm willing to apologize to you if that helps, in any way to heal the wounds. It's time to let them close.
Don Layton <>

Need e-mail for D. Michael Quinn 9/26/07
I am a 6 gen ex-Mormon and I have reason to believe that my Grandmother was a secret plural wife of Heber J. Grant.  How can I get in touch with D. Michael Quinn?
I am the oldest of 17 kids and working on healing sexual abuse by my father and secret rituals at the church. 
Any support groups?
Thanks, Merradyth McCallister
*Note: Merradyth was referred to the Nauvoo Christian Visitors Center

Dear Burr and Diann, Scott, Ron and Frank, Thursday, October 4, 2007 3:53:38 AM
It was a privilege to meet many of you and your families.  Thank you  
Burr, for inviting me and some of my friends to your family matters  
in Cedar City.  It helped us to put faces on your dilemma and  
dealings with the LDS church.  We also witnessed your true motives,  
your integrity and patience.  The program at the site was a great  
endeavor.  I only wish all participants had acted equally sincere and  
sought true and total reconciliation.

#1-  Burr, your poem was an eloquent, beautiful, inspired gift from  
the Lord who created His children.  So was Diann's poem and they both  
need to be added to all the curricula that you donate to the schools  
and academia on the MMM subject.  We will continue praying that your  
petition to the SLC leaders re: the cross is answered in a timely  
manner.  If it is not, I will personally spend the rest of my life  
dedicated to the replacement of that cross, on the original site, to  
honor those graves and the memories of the innocent lives lost there.

I was personally appalled at the lack of insight and "Christian"  
dignity denied to your family at the 150 anniversary program by Elder  
Henry F. Eyring.  Only God knows the true intent of his heart, and  
his words seemed to ring of a regret/apology.  But if they are truly  
interested in "maintaining the site" with all the dignity it  
deserves, why haven't  THEY come up with the suggestion to YOUR  
family that the Mormon church replace the cross and absorb the cost  
thereof?  I have family galore in the LDS church, in many positions  
of leadership, right up to one who is a General Authority in the  
First Quorum of the Seventy, Shane Bowen.  I am preparing a personal  
letter to my family members, in the event that you are turned down,  
slowed down or any manner treated shamefully in your request for the  
restoration of the cross.  My pioneer Grandmother (1899-1995), Lulu  
Mae Munns Cook, past president of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers,  
would be horrified to see the inaction, denial, and shabby way her  
church leaders have treated your families.  To her memory and honor,  
I will petition the LDS church with you.  I am still collecting  
petition signatories.

Please keep me informed of your progress in this area.  I am trying  
to make a trip to SLC on Oct. 12-14, if I can get my persnickity  
kidney stone "birthed".  In the event that I do, I would be happy to  
make an appointment with several of the church officers there to see  
what could be helpful in moving your cause along, from a non-family,  
person of interest from the non-LDS Christian community.  I will  
however not make any motions before checking with your family  
officers, because I wouldn't want to get in the way IF progress is  
being made.  My brother is also a lawyer, and although LDS, I am  
ready to ask his advice if SLC does any balking.

#2-  Please tell Diann that I am meeting with a local Mormon seminary  
teacher and an LDS college instructor tomorrow (here in Bakersfield)  
just to cordially ascertain what their coverage of the MMM is, and  
offer them any of my materials, books or videos in the event that  
they are interested.  If you want my help in contacting Mormon  
seminaries (high school age) and their Institute instructors (college  
age), I know the inside ropes of my former church.  I held leadership  
positions in all of their auxillaries for the 35 years I served  
there.  I have family who currently teach at BYU in Provo, Utah and  
Rexburg, Idaho who can be of assistance also.  My motive is two-
fold:  a- to unction them to do the right thing in their historical  
retelling of this event within the confines of the LDS education  
system; and b- to unction them to search deep and find if they still  
have a conscience with respect to this atrocity-  THUSLY replacing  
the cross and maintaining that site to the same level that they  
accord their own sites.  I have no desire to humiliate them or try to  
be their "Holy Spirit".

#3-  They were so proud that they finally got a portable toilet in  
there, and my question is why did it take them the better part of the  
last century to do so?  Kudos to those who finally did, and to those  
who placed the paper crosses around the monument.  I would like to  
send a letter of thanks to those responsible, if you can tell me who  
initiated that project.

My Mormon people do not have the Holy Spirit indwelling them.  They  
have another spirit who masquerades as the authentic.  Many of them  
are marvelous people and families, but the truth will be borne out  
here.  They allowed Brigham Young to spit in the face of Justice by  
his silence.  He is burning somewhere in eternity, but his living  
descendants are not going to get away with the same indignity.  I am  
ashamed of their supposed "maintenance" of the site.  That's a joke  
and all you need to do is photograph any of their own sites and  
locations of interest.  "This is the Place" monument in Salt Lake  
City alone is a conspicuous display of how they idolize their own  

Sandra Tanner and I hung our heads as my mother's choir pianist  
played "Come, Come Ye Saints" at the pre-program music.  (Sandra is  
the great-great- granddaughter of Brigham Young and  prolific former  
Mormon writer who also attended your Cedar City family function.  I  
don't know if time permitted you to meet her personally.  She runs  
the Utah Lighthouse Ministry and bookstore in SLC and knows Will  
Bagley.)  I will send you the lyrics to this song, but it is the  
anthem celeb for all the persecutions the Mormon "saints" and  
pioneers experienced and ends with this line:  "All is well, All is  
well".  That's because they believe God lead them to the Salt Lake  
valley, and through all their deaths, sicknesses and trials they  
arrived in Zion, their Promised Land.  And now your ancestors deserve  
their proper resting place too.

#4-  I was raised in the most devout of Mormon homes and I will not  
disparage the memory of my grandparents and the six generations  
before them by turning a blind eye, as Brigham Young did.  I never  
planned on leaving the Mormon church 21 years ago when I just asked  
God to bring me closer to Jesus.  Now I understand why I had to "come  
out of her, My people" in order to live with His spirit:  The Mormon  
church is a man-made religion and therefore fallible and ineffectual  
in redeeming mankind.  I weep for them, witness to them and try in  
every way to share the Light of the True Christ with them.  If it  
takes them being shamed by their actions with respect to the Fancher-
Baker families in order to expose their lack humanity and justice,  
then I will leave it to the Spirit of the Living God to do so.  I  
grew up hearing of all the indignities and persecutions heaped on my  
ancestors.  Two gr- grandpas went to prison for their polygamy,  
several were part of the handcart company where many died; I have  
sheriffs and farmers, professors and teachers, missionaries and  
temple workers in my Mormon heritage.    What would these honest  
people think?

Somewhere something has gone horribly wrong that my people cannot see  
their own injustice to you.  I know the Lord is in these details for  
His purposes.  I have chosen your particular organization to support  
because of the integrity of your members, the goals you have set for  
the Truth to be maintained, and that you will stand for NO COMPROMISE  
to cause your ancestors to wait another century or so to have the  
kind of dignified burial and honorable site which they deserve...  
The kind of historical preservation that ALL MORMON HISTORICAL SITES  

I remain your ardent supporter in replacing the Cross of Jesus Christ  
on the (presently) naked rock cairn for the Christian believers who  
fell on that sad and shameful day, our first September 11, in 1857.  
From the first time I visited this site two years ago, I knew that  
the cross had to be restored.  I began searching for any family  
descendants back then, but only found you all this spring.  Your  
parts of the program this year were the most dignified, from my  
perspective, although I know there were several perspectives  
represented.  This issue will finally be laid to a proper place in  
history once the Right Thing is done by the Mormon Church.  And that  
chapter is not finished yet.  I didn't plan to get so emotional here,  
but somehow my own relatives have lost their humanity.
In His Love,
Leanne Knudsen
6912 Yuma Way
6912 Yuma Way
Bakersfield, CA
(661) 589-4398

Judy Farris Saturday, October 6, 2007 5:27:20 AM
Mr. Kirkman,
I am a descendant of the Wharton-Dunlap women. Nancy Wharton Dunlap and Mary Wharton Dunlap, married to Lorenzo Dow and Jesse Dunlap, were my great great aunts.
I just want you to know how proud I am of your website. It is awesome! You have done a wonderful job.
I am so happy that the descendants now have their own website. I haven't been into the MMM association website in quite some time. I am sick of the lies that are constantly told.
I want the Monument and the Meadows in Federal hands and out of the hands of the Mormons. I am most proud of the christian crosses placed on the monument. Do you think the mormons will destroy them. I am a christian and I know our ancestors were christian's also. They deserve those beautiful crosses!
Please keep fighting for the meadows to be in the Federal hands.
Keep up the wonderful work you are doing.
God Bless
Judy Farris

Vickie Rose Wednesday, October 10, 2007 3:47:58 PM
Subject: Samuel Pollock 
I would like to start with saying, that it never fails to amaze me how a certain group people will set out for vengeance against another group of people who wish no harm to anyone.  Usually, it has something to do with money, would you agree? 
I would like to say to you, that out of 39 of my  "DIRECT " Mormon pioneers ancestors, that I only have one Mormon ancestor accused of being near the Mountain Meadow Massacre. It is written and documented that he was only a witness to the massacre and did not participate in the killings, due to his ill health. However, you have chose to judge him as a clubber and shooter. I see that you have held your own court on this man. Quite strange when you never knew him and that he lived a 150 years ago.. I believe however, that I do know my ancestor just a bit better than you do, through all our family diaries.  May I remind you, my ancestor that you have listed on your website was also run out of Nauvoo Illinois by a murdering mob, beaten, and burned out of his home. He as well had all his belongs confiscated by a mob... he along with many of my other ancestors. I had another ancestor who died and was buried in Nauvoo after all the hate crimes, and yet another ancestor who was imprisoned, beaten and chained to the Prophet Joseph Smith. These men were fed rodents and human flesh from a murdered black man while imprisoned for what they believed in.. I could go on and on, but perhaps it is a waste of time. Speculating from what is written on your website you are completely one-sided in your views.
My g g grandfather that you have chose to mark on your website, as a murderer, came from a very "noble heritage" and a good family.
I do wonder however, what it may be that you want from my family meaning his name appears on your website.  Are your intentions to hang me and my large family for the massacre, along with hundreds of other descendants of today?  Please sir, let me know because I can't quite comprehend what you are trying to prove through your very slander.
I believe that the LDS church owes you nothing for what happened a 150 years ago. Most members of today have no ancestry connected to the MMM. However, you should realize that the churches money comes from faithful members who contribute to the building Gods kingdom on earth. The money does not belong to the church authorities, nor that of any particular person within the church. It belongs entirely to the "WHOLE" church. 
I must say, that I have been quite angry over your hate-filled website, but realize through my prayers to God, that I have found comfort, and it has filled my heart with peace. Although, I do not know you and therefore I cannot hate you. I only feel pity and sadness for you because are so driven by hate. There will always be people like you upon our planet who "CAST STONES" and create chaos in our world. You are just one more of your kind. I hope and pray, somehow you will find some kind of peace within yourself. 
I'm a genealogist. So may I ask, which "direct" ancestor from the MMM do you descend down through? Perhaps you can write and explain to me what your motives are for my ancestor?
I look forward to hearing from you.
V Rose <>

  Angel <> Monday, November 19, 2007 3:05:06 PM
I have never come across such bigotry in all my life. It's nice to see that there is actually a living person from that period of time from the M M M, who actually witnessed the entire event.  How old are you anyway?
Much of what I have read that you have written, is nothing more than a bunch of corrupt lies,  hear say,  and nothing more than just poppycock! You have taken it upon yourself to slandered many pioneers along with many living people- falsely!  It's extremely appalling to say the least.
I'm thinking and wondering if you have any Morales whatsoever??
I was planning on an apology to you for what happened a 150 years ago, before I read your nonsense.  However,  Its quite clear to me  that you are not deserving of such.  And, Looking at your personal genealogy- I can see  that you are no more than just an intruder. You are not a direct descendant of any of these people.
Whatever you think you are doing by writing this malicious garbage,  it is quite evil.
I hope that God will judge you as  fairly in the day of  judgment,  as you have so fairly  judged others.
MATTHEW 12:36-37
  Angel <>
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