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From Lucas Visser-Nieland Sun Dec 30 02:32:37 2007 Page 6
How quickly we forget.
There never is any justification, right or wrong, to take the lives of innocent people. There are two sides to every coin and it is sad to see that in most cases only one side is shown and talked or written about. I do not have any intimate details about the massacre to take sides, however, one needs to see what was done to Mormons as well.  That is not a valid reason to react by using an "eye for an eye" approach.
Christians, as they called themselves as members of the Catholic church or the brake-away Protestants, all using the vile Roman cross as their sign of "true worship", following the dictates formulated on demand by pagan Roman emperor Constantine in 325 in Nicaea, which resulted in the Nicene creed -a formal statement of Christian beliefs, subsequently altered and expanded, and still in use in most Christian  churches.
Christian history in Europe and the Americas is saturated with the  most horrific deeds committed in the name of Jesus Christ - the crusades, Maria de Medici's orders to murder thousand of innocent Protestants in France , Popes going on rampages in Europe , Catholic Priests blessing the deeds of Conquistadors to murder millions of Aztecs and Mayans and to take their gold to ship it to Spain and Rome . The list goes on and the cross was the symbol to fortify their deeds.  Forget the slaughter of Jews? That did not start in 1933, it started way before in the 11th century all over Europe , with a pope to be the first to create a ghetto near the Tiber river in Rome .
It is so easy to see the bad, the Bible has a lot to say about that, and forget the good. Didn't the Savior teach the crowd that was about  to stone someone to death to look at themselves first and anyone to be without fault to throw the first stone? Didn't He also say something about the splinter in one's eye and to look at the beam in one's own?
What so-called Christians hate is the truth. They are no more Christian than pagan Rome, with ideas and creeds concocted by fuming church fathers fighting for control until Constantine stepped in. But he was a mother and sons murderer himself - WHAT A GREAT EXAMPLE HE WAS!
The best thing to do is to honor the dead, forgive as we are required by the Savior to do, and let Him sort it all out when He comes again.  Are we not to spread the Word through love? What are we doing by spreading hate from the pulpit and the internet? Are we not to be held accountable for our deeds and words?
If you want to change the world, start with yourself.
Lucas Visser-Nieland

From: Kammy Smith
Sent: Monday, March 31, 2008 8:44:48 AM
This site has been very unnerving to me and I'm appalled by it's anti-mormonism stance.  How many time must a group of people apologize for the heiretic dicisions of a small group of people?  It's not the fact that they are mormons it's the fact that they did something very stupid and in fear.  The "2nd" 9/11 showed us as americans what one irrational leader can do for his cause.  Not every Muslim but merely a handful of extreemist did this do us as Americans.  Just like a small band of extreemist did this attrocity to the victims of the Mountain Meadow Massacre.  It doesn't mean that all Mormons much like any religious groups is out for blood.  It means there are "IDIOTS" in this imperfect world and they make poor choices that often cause the loss of many lives.  I'm sorry for what has happened and I wish it could be changed but that is not possible.  The important thing here is to not "lump" the entire group together when there is one bad apple in the bunch, weed out the rotten one and toss it in the slop bucket.  Don't dwell on it and make you just as rotten as them.  Use this important and vital information to open your eyes and see what you can do to prevent it.  Be a more understanding, loving, and tolerant individual to help prevent the extreemist action. Can we all just get along??????
Kammy Smith <>

Terri Clark Thu, 22 May 2008 06:20:54
In my personal genealogical research of my maternal line I was very surprised to find that much of my mothers lines were Mormon.This was news to me and had no idea where it would lead .What I found broke my heart , I found many ancestors were involved in the Mountain Meadow Massacre and their descendants claim possession of items belonging to the peoples murdered at the meadow.My lines connected back to several of the known "shooters & Clubbers" as well as to John D Lee and Ira Hatch. The two specific items mentioned to me was a black forest clock and wedding bands. I'm certain there are items in the possession of the descendants of the Mormons involved . At the time I was told these things I had no idea what they were talking about , I was boastfully told they had items from the massacre. It seems these items are like war trophies to old Mormon families . I'm am truely sorry that they feel this way and will do what I can to make this right, not sure what I can do but, I will certainly try.Most
Sincerely Terri Clark <>

From: Phil Skousen
Sent: Wed Jul 2 13:33:55 2008  
What a looney website…sounds like “objective” is not a remote part of your limited vocabulary.  If you claim to be a Christian, may I recommend that you start living your religion.
Phil Skousen <>

Anonymous <>
Wed, 02 Jul 2008 19:28:34  
I think there should be a cross put there in respect of those who were killed by the mormans.You will notice that I did not capitalize morman because there is no respect intended. I am the fifth great granddaughter of *George Mason and I am sure he would say the same as I. God bless all  who survived this massacre and those who are in God's arms. Drill a hole in the rock and put a large silver cross in the rock!!!!!
Anonymous *Father of the Bill of Rights

From: Stephen Schaefer <>
Thu Sep 18 01:41:25 2008  
What a bunch of garbage.  What about the poor settlers that taunted the Mormons with "I helped kill Joseph Smith ?  What about Haun's Mill?  I think that the State of Arkansas should be sent a bill for the powder and ball that was used at the Meadows and labor for "services rendered".  Oh yes, I am a Mormon .

Tuesday, January 27, 2009 1:47 PM From: "Sarah Jampole Marks"
Hello there.  I am working with a group to nominate to the National Register of Historic Places the cemetery where Sarah Dunlop Lynch and Captain James Lynch are buried.
While conducting research to aid this group, I stumbled upon your website, and would like to correct a bit of misinformation I found therein:  On the page dealing directly with Captain James Lynch , his and Sarah's burial place is incorrectly stated as “the Hampton Church of Christ Cemetery .”  Captain Lynch and Sarah Dunlop Lynch are, in fact, buried in the Hampton Cemetery . 
Although it appears the cemetery belongs to/is associated with the Hampton Church of Christ , due to the close propinquity of one to the other, there exists no such association between the two. 
The land which includes the cemetery was deeded to the Town of Hampton by Nathaniel Hunt, an early settler, in the 1850s, and the first marked burial did not occur until 1878.  The church building itself was constructed circa 1950, and has no direct connection with the cemetery other than the fact that the northern boundary of the cemetery is mere inches from the southern edge of the church's foundation.
I am asking, for the sake of historical correctness, that the name of the cemetery where Captain James Lynch and his wife, Sarah Dunlop Lynch, be corrected to Hampton Cemetery on your website.  As I am sure your efforts are to correctly educate the public, so are mine.
Thank you,
Sarah Jampole Marks
Sarah Jampole Marks
Survey Historian
Arkansas Historic Preservation Program
1600 Tower Building , 323 Center Street
Little Rock , AR 72201

MMM Site RE:Danites Page 1 Friday, March 6, 2009 10:44 AM

The facts that really frighten me are the number of those people who are in positions of power in our government.  We have been lucky so far but any political position can be purchased with enough money. I fear for the time when they have infiltrated our City, County, State and Federal government to the point that all our citizens buy what they are selling. 

The day to day church member that I have met have been clean living, clean talking, clean acting good citizens. However, that citizen is not who is pulling the strings.  The"church" officials or whatever the white male bosses are called have the ultimate power.  We're all afraid of being accused of
discrimination if we speak out against the threat that only a few of us see. 

Just like in Katrina aftermath -they were there almost immediately offering water,supplies, whatever they could do to help.  So many good people with good hearts believing in a snake-oil charlatan and his buddies.  (5th generation family of victims of MMM) -Its been passed down generation to generation in my family and I still have a cousin who married into that church and raised all her children in that church.

Donna Faye Sneed Email

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