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Saturday, March 21, 2009 9:07 AM
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I hope you remember me. I live in Arizona and my life has been dismantled by the Mormons  ever since I discovered the truth about their religion. I'm trying to write a book, but I have also just launched a website to better expose the truth. Please check out my website, I think you will find it very informative -

When I was in college, I accidentally uncovered a plot to overthrow the Government of the United States. Because of what I found, my life has been systematically dismantled by the primary group involved in these activities. Prior to destroying my life however, they offered me $100,000, a contract and changes my grades to "A's" in an effort to keep me in their organization where they could better shut me up and control me.

My site includes the following amazing facts :

The Oklahoma City bombing was planned in Elohim City, Arkansas, a polygamous community named after the Mormon god Elohim. Mormon theology teaches that Elohim lives on a planet that revolves around the great governing star of Kolob , that Elohim came to earth and impregnated the Virgin Mary and sired Jesus. Mormon theology also teaches that Jesus himself was a polygamist and  had multiple wives, including Mary, Mary Magdalane, Martha and others.

A Ryder truck rental was used in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing , and the owner and CEO of Ryder trucks at the time was a Mormon stake president living in Florida by the name of Anthony Burns
Two of the four 9/11 terrorist pilots were trained at Huffman Aviation in Florida , which was secretly owned by a Mormon bishop living in Florida by the name of Wallace Hillard.

A Mormon graduate of BYU law school by the name of Jay Bybee drafted the "Bush Torture Policy". Additionally, Tim Flanigan, Jay Bybee, D. Kyle Sampson and Dick Cheney  were all involved in updating  President Bush 's "Emergency War Powers legislation", which would allow an American President to circumvent the checks and balances of the  Constitution  in a time of national emergency, and declare martial law. Flanigan, Bybee and Sampson were all Mormons who worked in the Justice Department of the United States under Utah Senator Orrin Hatch ; and, Vice President Dick Cheney's wife is Mormon and his son works in Salt Lake City .

Dick Cheney, who's wife is Mormon and son works in Salt Lake City, was in charge of NORAD on 9/11 and planned 5 war-games exercises for the morning of 9/11. Coincidentally, Cheney's war-games entailed the hypothetical terrorist hijackings of commercial airliners by terrorists who would fly them into American landmarks. When the actual hijackings occurred on 9/11, authorities weren't able to distingquish the "real time" events from Cheney's war-games events, and they were forced to ground every plane flying in American airspace.

Coincidentally, during Cheney's term as Secretary of Defense  from 1989 to 1993, both Cheney and his legal counsel,  David Addington , were intensely interested in the U.S. Continuity of Operations Plan (CO-OP), which could be invoked by a President in the event of a nuclear attack on america, and which was partially invoked during 9/11. Another phase of CO-OP, which is another name for the President's emergency wars powers legislation, provides for an " enduring Constitutional government " under a " paramount unitary executive" , with " cooperation from Congress and several courts ". Cheney's and Addington's intense interest in CO-OP was originally reported by the New Yorker , and was taken to such an extent that Cheney actually began practicing drills and spending his nights in an undisclosed bunker. Apparently, Cheney believed there was some chance that he would become th " paramount unitary executive"

Strangely, not only were Bush's " Emergency War Powers legislation " updated by Mormons inside the Bush Administration, but updating them was made necessary because of the recent terrorist events,  which other Mormons were invloved in planning and aiding


From: "Lyle Slaughter"

Information Re: William H. Dame as Parowan Stake President
Tuesday, April 21, 2009 10:40 AM

Dear Frank,
  Thank you for a wonderful, informative website.  I have been interested in the subject of the Mountain Meadows Massacre since I was a child when I heard my mother speak of it.  I think I've read every book ever written on this subject.  Your site is excellent!!

  My great-great-grandfather was Jesse N. Smith who was the second counselor to William H. Dame in the Parowan Stake Presidency.  I've noted the confusion regarding whether Dame was the Bishop in Parowan or the Stake President in Parowan.  In some books (actually in most accounts), Dame is referred to as the "Bishop" and it is also stated that Haight was his superior as far as church leadership went.

  I own a copy of Jesse N. Smith's personal journal and I thought I'd quote for you some of his entries regarding this. 

  On April 21, 1855, Jesse wrote:  " Pres. B. Young, being here at Parowan with a party, organized a Stake of Zion at Parowan , with John C. L. Smith, president and James H. Martineau and myself as his counselors."

In January of 1856, Jesse N. Smith was in Filmore attending to legislative business and received a letter from Martineau that President John C. L. Smith had died.  He states on January 5, 1856:  " ....learned of the death of President J. C. L. Smith Stake President of Parowan."

This next entry was made on January 20 , 1856 (Sun.):  " Heard George A. Smith preach.  He nominated William H. Dame as Stake President in the place of John C. L. Smith, deceased.  Unanimously sustained."

Then on January 24 , 1856: " In the evening, Calvin C. Pendleton was chosen for President Dame's first counselor, and myself for his second counselor; all sustained unanimously and set apart by Apostle George A. Smith."

As you know, if William H. Dame was stake president in Parowan, he would have been equal in church authority to Haight, who was the stake president in Cedar City.

  There are many interesting entries in Jesse N. Smith's journal relating to Dame, and from at least one of them, it's apparent that Jesse felt Dame was somewhat "hot headed" and "unfair" in his dealings with him and with others.

  Also, here are a couple of entries regarding Jesse N. Smith's rank in the militia at the time of the massacre:

  On July 14, 1856, he writes:  " Was promoted to the rank of 1st Lieutenant in Company A. 24."  (I'm not sure if the "24" is relevant or not, but it is included in his journal at this place.)

   And on June 2, 1857:  " I was elected Captain of Militia, Company A."

As you know, both Jesse N. Smith and his brother, Silas Smith, accompanied George A. Smith on his trip through Southern Utah prior to the massacre and they were in the party that camped at Corn Creek when the "poisoning" accusation took place.  There are some entries in Jesse's journal about this trip and he also writes that on September 3rd:  " An emigrant train passed.  I went home and sold them some flour and salt; this company was afterwards massacred at Mountain Meadows."  Of course, I highly doubt that he sold the emigrants any supplies since he'd just been on the road with George A. Smith and heard his threats towards anyone who offered help to any emigrants passing through.

  I don't know if you're interested in knowing Jesse's and Silas's connection to George A. Smith, but I'll briefly give you some of their history together.  Jesse's and Silas's father (Silas Smith, Sr.) was a brother to Joseph Smith, Sr.  So they were first cousins to Joseph Smith (the prophet) and were well acquainted with him even though they were quite a few years apart.....(Jesse was 10 years old when Joseph was killed and Silas was 14 years old). 

   Their father, Silas, Sr., was killed (in 1839) as a result of being driven out of Missouri by the mobs and their brother, John, was also killed by the Missouri mobs in 1838 (he was only 6 years old when he was killed and was between Jesse and Silas in age).

  Jesse and Silas's mother's name was "Mary Aikens Smith" and she was left a young widow with two young boys to raise after they were driven out of Missouri.  They moved to Nauvoo and lived with either Hyrum or Joseph at different times or in homes given to them by the prophet.

  Their mother was married and sealed to John Smith (who was their father's brother) in 1843 and then after Joseph and Hyrum were killed, they all came out to Salt Lake City  with Brigham Young .  Their uncle who their mother was sealed to, John Smith, is George A. Smith's father.  So Jesse and Silas were not only George A.'s first cousins, they were also his "siblings" (through marriage).  When George A. was called to settle southern Utah, he requested that Jesse, Silas and their mother also help settle Parowan.  So they sold all of their belongings in Salt Lake and obediently moved south.

  I hope that helps to give some background information.

  I'm sure that Jesse N. Smith was in attendance at the council meetings discussing the massacre.  There are witnesses either placing him at many of the meetings by sight or from recognizing his voice as one of those present.  I haven't found any evidence that he was actually present or participated in the massacre, but I'm sure he knew what was transpiring and I'm also sure he helped in the cover-up.

  Jesse N. Smith was sent to Denmark on two different missions (over an 8 year period) which I'm sure was to get him out of the area during the time the massacre was being investigated.

  I do want to include one other journal entry because it puzzled me and it also may explain why there's some confusion regarding whether Dame was Stake President or Bishop.  In an entry made in 1875 by Jesse N. Smith, he wrote: " Willliam H. Dame, the President and Bishop of our place, was under arrest charged with complicity in the massacre, and during his absence I was in charge of the Church matters, as I was promoted to be first counselor after the death of Calvin C. Pendleton."  The manner in which he states, " the President and Bishop" is confusing and causes me to wonder if they sometimes used the two terms interchangeably.

  I want to thank you again for all your hard work in putting together such an excellent website!

Sincerely, G.G. More Dame Feedback | Go to Col. William H. Dame page

"David Bahr"                                                  Port Saint Lucie, Florida  
Wednesday,  April 29, 2009 5:12 PM


*I think what your doing is mundane.  Any one can read what they want and find out for themselves what truth they believe.  I don't need to show you anything and I don't need you to show me either.  I read it for myself.  I have read and studied every major religion for myself and that is why I believe what I do.  Faith is action so if they really want to know and have the intellectual or spiritual capacity to do so they will.

In the first place trying to argue against those who have had a personal experience of what they believe through personal revelation and experience is futile. I have had such an experience myself nothing can sway me from what I believe to be true.  I believe that revealed religion is the only hope for mankind because trying to prove any religion by science or the existence of God for that matter in the end is futile just as it is futile for Science to try to say what happened before the big bang because there is no way they can prove anything without any scientific evidence because after staring out into space for generations there is still no proof that God doesn‘t exist after 4000 years of  proofs that he lives.  In the end we have to acknowledge that science can only bring us to the realization that we know very little about the universe and how it works.  So much for hard hitting facts.

There are endless arguments for and against every religion I have studied these extensively myself.   I have read the Hebrew text and  language and love learning about  all religions as a hobby.  That's why I personally have read most of the anti Mormon literature out there and have found nothing that is a serious challenge to Mormonism as you say.  You may as well be an atheist saying God is dead .

Of course changes have taken place in the Book of Mormon to bring it as close to the original text translated by Joseph Smith as possible.  How many times has the Bible been translated?  Where are the lost books? What about the dead sea scrolls ?  I have read them and  these are very different from today's Bible and fall in line more closely with what I believe as a Mormon.  I have seen the original transcription of  the Book of Mormon hand written by those who listened to Joseph Smith translate.  My brother in law took pictures of it with his digital camera in Salt Lake City the last time it was allowed to be seen before it was sent to be put in permanent preservation.  I find no disparaging faults between these originals and the current copies of the Book of Mormon being printed.  I have read them for myself so your scanned pages me nothing to me.  The 1830 addition of the Book of Mormon is still not as good as the original hand written transcription from the mouth of the prophet himself.  Anyone will be able to read these for themselves soon at the church history museum in Salt Lake City if it is not already available online it soon will be. Go see it and read it for your self;  I have and I know the truth of what I speak.  How is this emotional? I still believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly. This is not a trial. We are not in a court this is you tube.  The point is if you want to find out for your self you can.  Seek and ye shall find.
As far as what happened at  mountain meadows I have read both sides of this history as well. A involuntary state of war existed between Mormons and the state of Missouri at this time.   Based on this fact and the knowledge that some of the Fancher-Baker emigrant wagon train included those who murdered many Mormons  and were threatening further such actions by bring more of that lot through the Utah territory .  To me what happened at mountain meadows is not surprising at all.  The fact is that the United States sent U.S. troops out against the Mormons shortly after the mountain meadows incident on account of polygamy is further proof of the involuntary state of war that existed.  Lest we forget the U.S. army had its own blunders like Wounded Knee , The puritans had the Salem which trials, and the Catholics had  the inquisition.   There are further proofs of mans inhumanity to man most of the time of  a highly political nature.  Incidents like this happened when a political agenda hijacks a religion causing fundamentalism of some kind which through history has always lead to violence, and of course has nothing to do with the basic teaching or doctrines of the said religion.  A current example of this kind of violence is the fundamentalist movements in both Islam and Christianity which is making God an idol of violence by hijacking their respective religions.  The lack of compassion I see from so called Christian fundamentalists and evangelicals is staggering and akin to fundamentalism in Islam.  Compassion is the only answer.

The truth is every religion and even science and atheism can be argued into the ground so personal revelation is the only answer.  A religion of compassion and charity that I have found to be true for myself is the only way for me.  I have never seen FAIR and don't need to.  I have know reason to prove anything as I don't think that is the answer.  I have personally studied every major religion in detail myself and I am still a Mormon.  Is your only goal to bash Mormons.  What do you believe? Have you read the Torah , the teachings of Buda, or listened to the reciting of the Quran?  Have you read and prayed about the Book of Mormon as I have. How is this not logical? I know what I believe and I know why; how about you?

NOTE: Mr. Bahr was on this 360 page web site for 5 minutes and 12 seconds. 2 minutes and 19 seconds on my main page and 2 minutes and 53 seconds on my index page. His ability to come up with such mundane ramblings during an observation of only two pages really did not warrant a response. - Webmaster

From: "Debbie Skousen" <> Sunday, May 10, 2009 10:31 PM

I read the comment left on the Mountain Meadow site, I disagree with you Phil, it is not a loony site, or any less objective than sites which church members claim they are ‘victims' of persecution . Living ones religion? Calling the site ‘loony “in the post is degrading, as well as condescending.
I enjoyed viewing your site (Frank Kirkmans Mountain Meadow Massacre”); the site is not anti-Mormon. The site is reflecting a violent history within the LDS Church, and a violent response to others who do not agree with them, which is still in some of its membership today.

It is necessary for people to face the past, for improvements to be made, placing the responsibility on others to assist in covering up, or dismissing wrongful acts, is a response of abusers. Mormonism carries a dark side; one which needs to come to light.

Debbie Skousen

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