by: garrett dotson

My 10 year old son Garrett just turned in this creative writing project,  It was well received so far and the teachers have been commenting amongst themselves. PS There are errors in some of the facts, IE: John D Lee was Shot not Hung, etc.  But he is 10.
- Dan Dotson, Mountain Meadows Massacre Decendant.

the mouAtain meAdows massacRE was real…

Once there was a boy named Red he does not know this but he will go on a journey back through time to 1857 and meet Mormons as they kill 120 men, children and women known as the Fancher wagon train as it stopped in Mountain Meadows 30 miles north of St. George Utah on September 11.

Red is a kid in the 4th grade every one

is afraid of him because he is big and strong. So no one is really his friend so when he goes to this abandoned class room to work out. He saw something that was not there before. It was a toilet but that was not all, it could talk & walk he was amazed. The toilet said “I am a dark past” Red said “what do you mean” the toilet said “this is what I mean”. Just then Red was flushed down the toilet to September 11th 1857. Where he found himself walking in a single file line in a beautiful meadow along side him walked an armed southern Mormon militia man. Also in this line walked over a 100 men, women and children with armed men walking next to them. John Dee Lee, the first adopted son of the Mormon prophet Brigham Young yelled “men do your duty”. And 120 men, woman and children were savagely murdered. That means Red was murdered at gun shot to the head.  Except for 17 children from the age of 7 and younger were taken to Mormon homes in southern Utah. The children were returned to their homes in Arkansas 18 months later. With the help of Captain Lynch of the U.S. army. 20 years later there was a trial and John D. Lee was hung, John D. Lee said prior to his execution that he did not act alone.  



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