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The LDS Church
has knowingly sponsored, endorsed, and forever immortalized these butchers into history. 
Photograph taken from the book" Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah."
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Shooters and Clubbers

JABEZ DURFEE, a MORMON SHOOTER and CLUBBER, a pvt. in the Iron County Militia; (son of Edmund Durfee and Lainey Pickle of Nauvoo, Ill ) Born May 10, 1828, New York Came to Utah 1850, oxteam company.
Married Celestia Curtis Dec 25, 1860, Salt Lake City (daughter of Enos Curtis and Ruth Franklin of Pennsylvania pioneers 1860, oxteam company) She was born April 21, 1832 Their children Mariah Elizabeth, m Numan Van Luven, Jabez Erastus m Sarah E Kendall Eliel, died, Elmlra Deseret, died, Edmund Franklin, m Nancy E Martin, Celestia Chloe, m Franklin D Spencer, John Devaldi, m Zabrina E Draper, LeGrande, m Mary jane Crowther Vilate, m C M Ivle Family home Springville and Aurora, Utah.
First bishop of Aurora ward Early settler to Aurora. Carpenter, farmer and fruitgrower Died Dec 27, 1883.
Aurora Cemetery
Sevier County
Utah, USA
Plot: Block 7. Grave 11.
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To the left is the huge headstone for the cold blooded killer JABEZ DURFEE. His victims were not even given a Christian burial.
Jabez Durfee and his brother Mormons robbed the dead even stripping them of their clothing, leaving them naked in the meadow for the vultures.

The Jewelry was taken up to Brigham Young, in Salt Lake City and deposited in the LDS Church Treasury.

The clothing and other items was taken to the Cedar City Ward Tithing room and was still there when federal investigators arrived.
Then the LDS Church placed a MORMON MOMUMENT over the Victims gravesite without a Christian Cross.
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Eyewitnesses and Sources to the Mountain Meadows Massacre
Information on the above Mormon Shooter and Clubber, was obtained from the following: Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah, Lee and Shirts.  
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