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The LDS Church has
knowingly sponsored, endorsed,
and forever immortalized these
butchers into history. 
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JOHN WESTON, a MORMON SHOOTER AND CLUBBER, was a Sgt. in one of the Cedar platoons. ; Born: in Enland.
In September 1857, Weston was a Sgt. in one of the Cedar platoons. Bishop listed John Weston of Cedar City as one of the "assassins" at Mountain Meadows.
JOHN WESTON'S ability as a MORMON CLUBBER can be best show by the following except from John D. Lee's book "Mormonism Unveiled", page 278 - 279:
"I remember an affair that transpired at the old distillery in Cedar City, just before the massacre. I was informed of it when I went to Cedar City, by the chief men there, and I may say I know it to be true. The facts are as follows: Three men came to Cedar City one evening; they were poor, and much worn by their long journey. They were so poor and destitute that the authorities considered they were dangerous men, so they reported that they were spies from Johnston's army, and ordered the bretheren to devise a plan to put them out of the way, decently and in order. That the will of God , as made known through Haight and Klingensmith, might be done, these helpless men were coaxed to got to the old distillery and take a drink. They went in company with John M. Higbee, John Weston, James Haslem and Wm. C. Stewart, and I think another man, but if so I have forgotten his name. The party drank considerable, and when the emigrants got under the inluence of the whisky the brethren attacked them, and knocked the brains out of two of the men with the king bolt of a wagon. The third man was very powerful and muscular; he fought valiantly for his life, but after a brief sruggle he was overcome and killed. They were buried near Cedar City.
This deed was sustained by all the people there. The parties who did the killing were pointed out as true, valiant men, zealous defenders of the faith, and as fine examples for the young men to pattern after."
Information on the above Mormon Shooter and Clubber, was obtained from the following: The 1857 Iron County Militia Project, Mountain Meadows Massacre Assassins, and Mormonism Unveiled .
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