Frank Kirkman's Mountain Meadows Massacre Site

The Bones of Mary Fancher

The bones of Mary Fancher have long since been bleached white
like the spires of the Mormon temple shinning in the light.

She was nothing but a simple girl of ten, so it's said
but in 1857, the devil's minions shot her dead.

But let me explain and shed some light.
About the day this girl met her sorry plight.

In the spring of 1857 a wagon train left Arkansas bound for the golden state
Families with dreams, bound together, sharing work and fate.

The wagon train was folks, no one important you see,
folks whose story would be buried in the pages of history.

But I am here to tell you, I will ring the bell
and hope the perpetrators, find themselves in hell.

The word was given, the Indians could attack.
but the settlers fought and held them back.

For five days the wagon train was besieged,
then a messenger arrived and they were relieved.

John D. Lee, a son of Brigham Young, brought them an offer, and only one.
Leave your possessions; leave your guns, this is how it must be done.

We will give you safe passage, my brethren an me.
We will give you sanctuary in nearby Cedar City.

The wounded were in wagons at the head of the line.
The women and children were right behind.

The men, in single file, followed all the others,
all being guarded by the Mormon brothers.

This children were happy, darting about.
The mothers relieved as they started out.

The men were somber, tired and forlorn
regretting the day their adventure was born.

At a spot, an insignificant place,
hell again visited the human race.

At a signal, without a word being said,
each guard shot his prisoner dead.

There were no prayers. There were no good-byes.
Not even a chance for tears in their eyes.

Each man was killed like slaughtered cattle.
A shot in the head, no fight, no battle.

The women, however, saw the horror to come.
Screaming to God “WHAT HAVE WE DONE?”.

But the Mormon minions heard not a word.
They must follow their orders, their duty to the lord.

But the Mormon's perfidy had a break,
they wouldn't kill children under the age of 8.

Those that young will soon forget
and we will make them Mormons yet.

Alas for Mary Fancher, she was shot dead.
A bullet from a pistol went through her pretty head.

Why do I write these words? Why do they tumble from my head?
It is simply to let the Mormons know, her memory is not dead.

Although the victims and villains met their final fate in time,
a common death provides no justice or absolution of the crime.
The abomination and nexus of the events persists
and will for as long as the Mormon cult exists.

The Mormon cult spoke with a split tongue
saying we love you brothers, but then killed their young.

Mormons say gentiles have different views
that includes pagans, heathens, Christians and Jews.

If Christians are gentiles and Mormons are apart
then why with “ Church of Jesus Christ ” does their name start?

The Mormons contend they are a church but I say not,
their murder of a hundred souls exposes their claim as rot.

The Mormon cult, living but not alive
lives on, devouring souls to feed Smith's lie.

Ask yourself, “Why did so many have to die?”,
except to hide the crime and carry on the lie.

The Mormon prophet speaks to God, it's said.
So I have but one question in my head,

it is a simple question, all men need an answer.
“Was it God's will to kill Mary Fancher?”

If the Devil exists and devised such a heinous plan,
how could the cults' leader claim to be a holy man?

If intelligent men can't recognize prophesy as a lie,
then perhaps more innocents will have to die.

There is but one question to expose the truth that is and was.
How do we know what evil is unless we see what evil deeds it does?

Gary Arnold
February 4 th , 2008