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I have a good many Mormons ask me what is the Mormon view of the Mountain Meadows Massacre, which is good because their interest means that they want to know the true story about this tragedy.
Most of the information on this website comes from Mormon historians, which basically is the source of this web site's in formation. Of course if they are asking about the church's view then we are talking about another matter. I would say that more than 90% of the subject matter on this site comes from Mormon or former Mormon historians and researchers from the various universities and colleges in Utah.
The remainder of the information comes from the US Army's Carleton Report to the U.S. Congress, newspaper articles and the surviving children's eyewitness accounts.
The Church's view on Mountain Meadows Massacre is quite clear. They will go to any extreme to defend the second Prophet of the church Brigham Young. As time goes on with the electronic media it is going to become more and more obvious that the cover-up looks ridiculous, as it already does.
The Church is writing a book at this time on the Mountain Meadows Massacre. They are debating whether or not to change the blame of the Massacre to Isaac Haight. So when the book comes out in the next couple of months I am assuming that will be the Church's position regarding the Mountain Meadows Massacre, for some time.
Since most of the members of the wagon train, with the exception of the seventeen children under the age of five, were slaughtered execution style, including a few members of the Cedar City Ward that were attempting to escape the theocracy. The ones that tried to make a run for it, seeking help were chased down and killed. So basically there was not one person over the age of five from the Fancher Wagon Train that survived to tell their side of the story.
The bottom line here is all you have left to tell the story are the Mormon participants, and one of those was executed twenty years later. So all we really have left is the Mormon view of the tragic cold blooded execution at Mountain Meadows.
Frank Kirkman

Brigham Young desecrated the Original Christian Cross and Rock Cairn
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