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The LDS Church has
knowingly sponsored, endorsed,
and forever immortalized these
butchers into history. 
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Nephi Johnson
Below are photos of Nephi Johnson. He was the Nauvoo Legion Lieutenant that led the cold blood killing of the women and children, after the leaders of the wagon train had surrendered to John D. Lee.

Nephi Johnson is a historical figure in many many ways. Mr. Johnson has directed the killing of more women and children in a single day than any other man in American History.
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List of Victims MURDERED by Nephi Johnson and his Mormon Brethren

The Park service fails to mention that Nephi Johnson was a cold blood killer of women and children. He can be compared with the likes of Timothy McVeigh and Osma Bin Laden.
The above painting is in the museum at Zion National Park.The sign next to his photo states: "Zion Canyon was first entered by European Americans in 1858. The young Mormon scout Nephi Johnson entered the canyon while seeking new land for settlement."
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Nephi Johnson looks like a nice everyday guy until he cut your throat with a Bowie knife or bashed out your brains with the butt of his rifle.
There are many sites that pay tribute to Nephi Johnson's historical accomplishment without mentioning the fact that he was a cold blooded killer. Mr. Johnson's had the woman and children killed by slitting their throats and clubbing them to death. This man never spent one day in jail for his crimes. (Recovery of the Victims Bones )

"Though the perpetrators often went unpunished, many guilty and traumatized men felt compelled to tell and re-tell the horror they had committed. Nephi Johnson, one of the participants in the Mountain Meadows Massacre, died crying, "Blood, blood, blood!"
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The above is a quote from author Larry McMurtry's audio book "Oh What A Slaughter".
In 1858 BRIGHAM YOUNG received a presidential pardon for his part in the atrocities at Mountain Meadows from President Buchanan.
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List of Victims MURDERED in COLD BLOOD by Mormon Nephi Johnson and his Mormon Brethren
Read how the Mormon Killers got paid by the US Government for caring for the orphan children after they had killed their parents.