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Volume 36   June 2008
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  Board Members  

Committee Chairs

  Phil Bolinger, President (479) 738-7060   Federal Stewardship: Ron Wright
  Bob Fancher, Secretary (417) 625-1014   Membership: Scott Fancher
  Pat Stroud, Treasurer (479) 738-2484  

Arkansas History: Diann Fancher

  Harley Fancher (870) 743-2385   Newsletter: Burr Fancher
  Burr Fancher (541) 926-3125   Carrollton Lodge: Scott Fancher
  Ron Wright (541) 410-7898   Interpretative plaques: Susan Fancher
  Susan Fancher (760) 931-6251  

Cemetery Marking: Jim Fletcher

      Library Collections: Burr Fancher
      Proxy Baptism: Harley Fancher




September 11, 12, 13


Thursday, September 11    (GET ACQUAINTTED TIME)


6:00-8:00 p.m.                      Hospitality and Social Hour in Harrison, Arkansas.


Friday, September 12         (GET DOWN TO BUSINESS DAY)


9:00 a.m. - 12:00                 Historical tours to Caravan Springs, survivor graves, and Carrollton Lodge.

1:00 p.m. - 4:00p.m             Teacher inservice and author review.  (MMMF members are invited)

5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.          Business meeting, dinner and auction.


Saturday, September 13     (HAVE FUN TOGETHER DAY)


9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.          Trail rides and wagon train.


5:00 p.m – 8:00 p.m.           Barbecue and mountain music.


Lodging options in Harrison are:


Holiday Inn Express,

117 Hwy 43 E, Harrison

(Tel: 1-800-465-4329 or 870-741-3636;    


Comfort Inn

1210 Hwy 62-65-412 N, Harrison (Tel: 1-800-741-7676;                   


Days Inn

1425 Hwy 62-65-412N, Harrison (Tel: 1-800-329-7466 or 870-391-3297;

Branson, Missouri is only 45 minutes away for those who wish to make some shows.

More specifics on meeting locations and tour options will be forthcoming in August newsletter.

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LDS Church Visit to Arkansas

 By Bob Fancher

The  Mountain  Meadow  Monument  Foundation  met  March  28,  2008,  at  the  Old  Lodge  in  Carrollton,  Arkansas.   Representatives  of  the  Foundation  and  the  Mountain  Meadows  Association  and  the  Mountain  Meadows  Descendants  met  with  represenatives  of  the  Church  of  Jesus  Christ  of  Latter  Day  Saints  (LDS)  from  Salt  Lake  City,  Utah.   A  sign-up  sheet  is  attached  to  show  attendance.  Terry  Fancher,  President  of  the  Association  had  planned  on  being  at  the  meeting  but,  due  to  airline  problems,  arrived  later.  

Barbara  Jones  Brown  acted  as  chair  of  the  meeting  and  introduced  the  participants  from  LDS.  Phil  Bolinger  and  Patty  Norris  introduced  members  present  from  their  organizations.  

Elder  Marlin  Jensen,  Church  Historian,  discussed  the  Mountain  Meadows  property  ownership  and  the  parcels  that  the  church  has  purchased.  The  upper  grave  sites  (Burgess  property)  was  a  recent  purchase.  The  LDS  church  has  the  intent  of  preserving  the  area  from  enchroachment.  

Richard  Turley,  Assistant  Church  Historian  and  author  of  forthcoming  book,  discussed  the  request of  the  three  organizations  for  National  Historic  Landmark  status.  The  request,  activities  at  the  150th  observance  last  September,  and  the  attendance  of  Elder  Eyring,  who  has  sinced  moved  to  First  Counsellor,  helped  support  the  seeking  of  NHL  status.  The  LDS  church  WILL  seek  NHL  status.  The  federal  committee  which  approves  these  requests  meets  twice  yearly.  The  application,  hopefully,  will  be  ready  for  the  committee’s   November  meeting.  If  all  goes  well,  the  approval  may  come   within  a  year.  

Steve  Olsen,  Anthropologist  and  planner  for  MMM  site,  spoke  about  preliminary  plans.  Steve  said  that  we  can’t  change  the  past  but  we  can  change  the  future.  It  is  rare  for  the  LDS  church  to  seek  NHL  status  but  because  of  the  joint  request  application  would  be  made.  The  church  desires  to  honor  the  victims  of  this  tragedy.  Steve  spoke  specifically  on  the  upper  gravesite  property  as  follows:  

Development  Principles:  

    *  Develop  the  site  as  a  memorial  to  those  buried  there.                                                     

    *  Support  but  don’t  duplicate  the  main  memorial  site.  


Development  Objectives:  


    *  Document  the  site  with  ground  penetrating  radar  and  surface  mapping.  

    *  Place  parking,  fencing  and  marking  in  areas  that  contain  no  possibility  of  graves.  

*  Have  a  trained  archaeologist  monitor  the  digging  of  post  holes  and  other  intrusive     


    *  Allow  for  walking  access  onto  the  site  but  avoid  placing  pathways  where  burials  occurred.  

    *  Place  a  few  interpretive  markers  adjacent  to  the  parking  lot  that  preserves  the  memory  of  the         dead.  


Steve  presented  a  preliminary  map  of  the  site  and  some  thoughts  on  possibilities  there.  


  Concerns  were  expressed  by  attendees:  

     *  Make  sure  the  pathways  are  defined  and  limit  walking  access  to  other  areas.  

     *  Will  there  need  to  be  handicapped  access?  

     *  There  is  a  possibility  of  erosion  in  the  drainage  area.  

     *  If  bones  are  inadvertently  discovered,  have  a  defined  process  to  handle.  

     *  Include  Dan  Sill  Hill,  which  is  in  National  Forest,  in  application.  



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To  assist  in  the  application,  the  three  descendant  organizations  will  provide  a  joint  letter  of  support  detailing  significance  as  a  national  historic  site.  This  letter  will  be  needed  by  mid-summer.  


Lunch  was  provided  and  the  groups  then  held  a  news  conference.     


Elder Marlin Jensen brought message to wagon train relatives at Carrollton


National Landmark Designation for Utah Grave Sites

I was recently informed that the LDS Church has submitted an application for National Landmark Designation for the massacre site in Utah.  This is a milestone in the ten year history of the Mountain Meadows Monument Foundation. Perseverance does pay off.


Remembering September 11, 1857

By Lisa Lewis

The world may not know the story here,

But we know it well and we want to share.

The tales of our past and our history too,

The folklore that's not myth but fact for sure.

I give you the story to pass down to yours,

The truth of our family and those that came before.

The ones that suffered loss and a sad, terrible fate,

Let's not let the story die. Let's continue the tale.

Let's blaze new trails make new memories that last,

Let's love each other with a love that will forever stand.

The test of enduring time and all that comes ahead,

Let us share the story with all and never forget.

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Oregon-California Trails Library Dedication

A small group of MMMF members and about 70 locals attended the dedication of a major library collection at the Oregon-California Trails Library in Independence, Missouri on May 21. The collection was well received. Phil & Kim Bolinger and Bill Basham funded the OCTA library collection.

MMMF members Phil Bolinger, Bob Fancher, Elmer Faddis, Burr & Ada Fancher,  James Bolinger and Bill Basham at the book display at the OCTA Mattes Library

Library Dedication in Prescott, Arizona

A major library collection is being pulled together for the Sharlot Library in Prescott, Arizona. MMMF member Ellie Porter of Atascadero, California is sponsoring the collection of some 160 Mountain Meadows massacre related books, documents, photos and CD’s. The dedication will occur at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, August 16.  Attendees will be able to examine materials displayed on tables and Burr will do a one-hour  Power Point overview of the Mountain Meadows story. Survivor Emberson Milum Tackitt is buried in downtown Prescott. If you are within easy driving distance, please join us at the library dedication.

County Level Library Collections

Smaller collections of Mountain Meadows information is being placed in counties where the story is most important to local readers because of family and historical ties to the wagon train. Benton, Calhoun, Crawford, Johnson, Madison and Marion Counties are being considered for collections. Agreements have been set in place for Benton and Marion Counties. Bob Fancher will dedicate the Benton County collection on August 25. Materials have been placed in each Carroll County school and Boone County houses one of our major collections.

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The new library in Bentonville, Arkansas where a smaller collection of Mountain Meadows related materials will be placed. Captain Alexander Fancher and Peter Huff families left their farms in Benton County to immigrate to California.

Marking Survivor Graves

While in Arkansas, I met with Jim Fletcher about marking the grave of William Tillman (Joseph) Miller in Turlock, California. This grave will be the 15th survivor grave marked by the Foundation. John Calvin Miller is believed to be buried in Cerritos, California. We have located a grave that fits John Calvin’s birth date but have not verified it by obituary.  Mary Miller’s grave is yet to be found.

Touch of History


Johnson and State of Arkanasas, now being in ill health but sound and disposing mind and memory make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me at any time heretofore made.


FIRST. I hereby constitute and appoint my son Jesse Dunlap Jun. to be sole executor of this last will directing my said executor to pay all my just debts and funeral expenses and the legacies hereinafter given out of my estate.


SECOND. after the payment of my said debts and funeral expenses I gave to my wife Rebecca one bay mare and two cows and ten head of sheep and one bed for her sole use and the place and all the property pertaining thereunto that isnot otherwise appropriated to be use while she remains single or till her son

Marion becomes of age and then the place is his except (her) son Samuel shall stay and help to raise the children until he is married then he is to have a nag and the lower end of this claim up to the cain paster and all over the other side of the creek for his own and also for my two youngest sons Marion and Franklin two hundred fifty dollars for each of them to be paid out for their use and benefit in education and other expenses that may occur and the remainder paid to them when they become of age, and the proceeds of my flat rock place to my son Franklin also and also one bed for each of them and bed cloths and the amount of money due

to the foregoing heirs which is fivehundred dollars the executor is to have the use without any percent he takes the percent of the same for his attention to the same which is his services and trouble attending to the

raising and welfare and also his two youngest daughters is to have the same attention without any further charge than the use of this money to the youngest daughters Martha and Rutha is to have a common education so as to spell and read tollerable well and one horse a pieceand cow and calf and one bed a piece out of what is left pertaining to the place when they come of age, and for my other children, six sons and one daughter is to have all my claim for land or demands for money that I have or

is any ways due me by any claim whatever and I do appoint my executor and empower him fully to collect all such claims or demands as may be due me and then the proceeds of the same after paying all charges shall be equally divided between my six children to wit: James D. Dunlap, A. P. Dunlap and Nancy I., and L.D. Dunlap and Jesse Dunlap Jun. and George Washington Dunlap and fourteen head of sheep to be divided between A.P. Dunlap and L.D. Dunlap and Jesse Dunlap equally between those three and his saddle nag is to be sold and nine dollars out of the price to be paid to Washington instead of a cow

and he also is to have one bed and bed cloths as common and the balance of the price of the saddle nag is to be laid out for the use of the family according to the necesities and two dollars to James D. Dunlap and I do bequeath to my four eldest sons James D. Dunlap and A.P. Dunlap and L.D. Dunlap and Jesse Dunlap Jun. forty four bushels of wheat and 1 clock and one saddle all to be sold and the net proceeds to be equally divided between the above forenamed heirs.


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And to more fully express the intent of my wife's legacy I go futher to express it so far as I say for sole use I meant what I say but for the balance that pertains to the place and place I intend also and children I intend for my executor to take charge of all the property and place and children when ever he sees any waste going on or bad government such as is not commendable in the sight of prudent people and all the property that remains undisposed of shall be sold and the net proceeds equally divided between all the heirs and

this the 6th of December,A.D.1847.





SINGED SEALED AND PUBLISHED and declared by the said Jesse Dunlap Senr. as andfor his last will and testament in the presence of us who in his presence and in the presence of each other have suscribed our names as witnesses hereunto







Be it remembered that on this day personally appeared defore me, Augustus M. Wark,Clerk of the Circuit Court and Ex-Officio Clerk of the Probate Court, Jesse Dunlap Junior and Adam P. Dunlap, the attesting witnessesto the annexed last will and testament of Jesse Dunlap Sr. deceased late of the County of

Johnson and State of Arkansas who after being duly sworn deposes and says that the testator subscribed the annexed last will and testament at the end of the said will, in the presence of these attesting witnesses, by making his mark thereunto and at the time of making said mark or superscription, the testator declared the said instrument so subscribed to be his last will and testament, and each of these deponents signed their names in the presence of the testator and in presence of each other as witnesses at the end of the said will at the request of the testator the said Jesse Dunlap Senior deceased.

SWORN to and subscribed before me this 11th March 1848.




A. M. WARK. clk

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