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An Answer to the Pentagram Controversy by Bob Betts
In our August/September edition of "The Cross," Jim Robertson wrote his cover
article about the controversial symbols found inside and/or outside Mormon temples.
We have received numerous inquiries from Mormons and Christians alike specifically
addressing the inverted pentagram. They argue that the 5-pointed star, inverted or not,
was historically used by Christian churches long before they appeared on Mormon
temples. So, what's the big deal?
Without going into too much detail, the 5-pointed star WAS once used by the early
Church to represent the five wounds of Christ. That popular usage began around the
time of Constantine (4th century A.D.). However, it decreased in popularity and ceased to be a Christian symbol around the time of the Inquisition (14th century A.D.). In the 19th century, a contemporary of Joseph Smith, the French-born Alphonse Louis Constant (1810-1875), otherwise known as Eliphas Levi (an adopted Jewish pseudonym), instituted the inverted pentagram in a circle, as a symbol of evil. This is the same symbol found on the Nauvoo temple. According to the story recounted in History of the Church , Vol. 6, pp. 196-197, Joseph Smith told the architect of the Nauvoo temple, "I wish you to carry out my [italics in the original text] designs. I have seen in vision the splendid appearance of the building illuminated, and will have it built according to the pattern shown me."
Did Joseph Smith receive yet another false vision? Would God have given Joseph a vision to use an evil symbol on the temples? The use of the inverted 5-pointed star, as a Christian symbol, ceased centuries earlier. Yet, the current LDS defense that it is a harmless old Christian symbol is hollow in light of Joseph's and his family's historically renowned involvement in the occult. The occult symbols found inside and/or on Mormon temples are more in line with Smith's use of magic and masonry.
Now, here's the big deal. The entire reason you find no crosses on any LDS building throughout the world is, as Mormons will tell everyone, they want to remember Christ's life, not His death. The cross is an avowed offence to the Mormon church. If, however, the 5-pointed star represents the 5 wounds of Christ as Mormons claim, this makes it akin to the cross as a representation of Christ's death.
Why would God show Joseph to put the inverted 5-pointed star on the Nauvoo temple, when it represents the same offence as the cross? Why the inverted pentagram, but NOT the cross? (Brigham Young desecrated the Original Christian Cross and Rock Cairn)
The argument used by the Mormons against the use of the cross is, "If your brother was murdered by someone using a gun, would you wear a symbol of a gun on a necklace around your neck?" Here the Mormon argument crumbles if, as claimed, the inverted, 5-pointed star in their architecture represents the same message as the cross. It is hypocritical for the Mormon church to defend the use of the inverted pentagram on their temples as a traditional Christian symbol representing Christ's death, but refuse to use the traditional cross as a similar symbol.
Incidentally, the apostle Paul defended the cross of Christ, "For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God." 1 Corinthians 1:18. Complain to LDS about No Cross on the Rock Cairn.
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