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When I went to Mountain Meadows for the first time it was in 1999 for the dedication and reburial ceremonies (I was a member of the Mountain Meadows Association at the time and the MMA sanctioned the MORMON MONUMENT) put on by the Mormon Church. The first thing that caught my eye was the Rock Cairn with NO CHRISTIAN CROSS. I sat sandwiched between the Lee descendants, with my cousin, listening to the ceremonies with no one saying anything about these poor souls being killed by Mormons. John D. Lee had 17 wives so he had many descendants.
The second day was the dedication and here comes President and CEO of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Gordon Britner Hinckley, with his entourage of armed goons guarding him! They even had a sniper up (rifle with scope sight) on the small hill to the northwest to protect this old guy the cult calls a prophet.
Now there were a very maximum of 80 descendants of the wagon train victims in attendance, surrounded by 500 to 1000 Mormons. I have by this time come to the conclusion that super paranoia on the part of the Mormons may have set in.
Well it comes time for the Cult leader to speak and he goes about saying a lot of nothings and I don't knows. Mainly he said the person responsible for this was caught and punished and Brigham Young had nothing to do with this Massacre. My conclusions were that CEO Hinckley said that John D. Lee Killed all approximately 140 people of the wagon by himself, with no orders from the Mormon Cult lead Brigham Young.
I asked my relatives was it just me or was I hearing things. My cousins said they heard exactly the same thing I did. Well right away I decided that this Mormon Mountain Meadows Association wasn't the group
I wanted to represent me and the bones of my dead CHRISTIAN ANCESTORS laying out there in the Meadows on Cult owned property. They are laying out there at the mercy of the fanatical Cult that killed them.
The Mormon Mountain Meadows Association encouraged the Mormons to purchase the property or burial site. Now the Mormons have complete control as they own all the bone burial sites, with the last purchase of the Clive Burgess property. The Mormon Mountain Meadows Association and the Mormon cult know that the government cannot take the property by way of eminent domain.
Click here to see how the Mormon Mountain Meadows Association and the Mormons rebuilt the Mormon Monument to the Mormon Killers and not the victims. Keeping the Christian Cross off of the Monument makes it a Non-Christian Marker.
FORGIVE AND FORGET: I think all of us descendants have done a lot of forgiving and forgetting, in regards to the massacre, but it has been an absolute one way street, as the Mormon Church hasn't really given one inch. They built a Mormon Monument which some descendants look at as "Something is better than nothing," without realizing that they are being scammed and laughed at by the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS Hierarchy that is double talking their way out of doing anything other than to continue to cover-up for Brigham Young and the rest of the Mormon Butchers.
They are now trying to blame the massacre on a group of out of control Mormons, that had just been visited by Brother George A. Smith, and where do you think he came from? He came from the Palace of Pooh with a message from the Prophet Brigham Young. They try to make you think they were out of control but the Iron County Militia was very organized and you better believe they had their orders.
This next Mormon diversion tactic will come out in the "Massacre at Mountain Meadows" new book the Mormon church is putting out co-authored by Palace of Pooh gang Richard E. Turley, Glen M. Leonard, and Ronald W. Walker. The book will be released on May 1, 2008 and can by purchase on this sites online book store.
This book according to the the Palace of Pooh Gang's reports to the press so far sounds like it will have about as many revisions as the Book of Mormon but sounds as though it will be far less exciting. At this point their trying to take the monkey off Brigham Youngs back and place on Isaac Haight's back. (Click here for more information)
Barbara Jones Brown is editing the book for the LDS Gang and she seems to know what she is doing or at least is able to convey that position in her talks. We had her give us a summary of what she was doing at our new Authors Review on Sept 10th 2007 at the MMMF Cedar City Meeting. (click here for more information)

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