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When Salt Lake City Calls

Rocky Hulse
Rocky and Helen Hulse
Is the Mormon Church the Ultimate Lobbyist?
Author examines trustworthiness of Mormons in public office
LONGWOOD, FL--Today, Mitt Romney's bid for the presidency has everybody asking the following questions: Can Americans trust Mormons in public office? Is the Mormon Church the ultimate lobbyist? Could a Mormon who holds a governmental
position of authority be forced by their religious beliefs to make a decision contrary to all logic, reason, facts, or evidence? Do Mormons swear allegiance to their church, its prophets and apostles, their living oracles, and the priesthood power they hold? Author Rocky Hulse's When Salt Lake City Calls: Is There a Conflict Between Mormonism and the Public Trust? Answers these questions and more.
"Every year is an election year for public officials around the country," says Hulse. "Every day appointments are made to fill important governmental positions of authority from the local to the federal level. Can we, the American public, feel confident that our elected or appointed government officials of the Mormon faith will act in the best interest of those they are elected or appointed to represent, or are they in bondage to fulfill the interest of their `church' over the people they serve?"
Hulse, a retired Navy veteran, was a Mormon for 31 years before having his beliefs challenged by his born-again wife, Helen. In 1986 he was saved, as he came to realize the Mormon Church's
claim that it was the "only true and living church on the face of the whole earth" was inherently false. He now devotes his time to educating others about the truth of the Mormon Church. BOOK REVIEWS
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Crystal Kriemer
This book is, in my opinion, an in depth, even handed look at the Mormon religion and the influence it tends to exert over its membership... and its sometimes devastating effects on our legal system... and on humanity. Not to overlook the excesses of other religions... Catholicism (the pedophile priest scandal) or Islamism (its fine example of religious theocracy over the past 900+ years), but LDS advocates need to respond to some of the specific charges Hulse makes. Rocky is the real deal when it comes to articulating a well documented criticism with his ex-Mormon voice of experience. It's so easy, for apparently well educated people, to leap to the conclusion that he is just another Mormon-hating religious bigot. They need to take a deeper look.

There is always reason for concern when it comes to considering a candidate for President. It truly is for the job of most powerful person on earth. In reading Hulse's book, I found reasons to be concerned about the LDS leadership and the control a Mormon President might bring to them. Personally, I agree with arguments extolling the dangers of religious influence on candidates of ALL religions. ALL Presidential candidates should be scrutinized on their individual religious belief systems... atheists and agnostics included. "When Salt Lake City Calls" is the best work you'll read directed at whether a Mormon should be deserving of our support for this Nation's highest office. This is a question that is being much too lightly dismissed. After reading Rocky's book, Mr. Romney will have to do more to assure me that a vote for him "is not" a vote for Gordon B. Hinkley.
Wayne A. Capurro
Facts not feelings
Rocky Hulse has written an exellent book documenting the tremendous influence the LDS church wields over it's menbers. The information in When Salt Lake City Calls is taken from Mormon sources and the references I looked up were entirely accurate and in context. This book is not bigotry or based on a feeling the author may have had, it is based on an objective look at the statements made in Mormon documents. Based on the facts the conclusion the author draws is a no brainer.
D. Bell "Dave"

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