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The LDS Church has knowingly sponsored, endorsed, and forever immortalized these butchers into history. 

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SAMUEL JEWKES, a MORMON SHOOTER AND CLUBBER, a private, Second Platoon, Company F of the Iron County Militia. Jewkes was an engineer and left Iron County after the Mountain Meadows Massacre.
Jewkes was indicted in the massacre in 1874 and he went into hiding.
However, like Elliott Willden, there is no information as to why the private was singled out and indicted when so many others were not. Though the indictment was handed down, the charges were never followed-through.
He also may have changed the the spelling of his last name as did some of the participants. He went into the mill business, building both a sawmill and a grist mill, just a little Northwest of Fountain Green. He purchased two farms there also and acquired some other property. Jewkes was the first Judge of Emery County and the director of the Fountain Green ward choir. The "Jewkes Family History " does not mention the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Biographical Sketch
The above information obtained from "Jewkes Family History", Lee, Arrest warrant and Shirts.
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