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SARAH DUNLAP, the youngest, has never recovered the use of her arm, which was shot during the massacre. She has also been afflicted with weak eyes most of her life. She went to the blind school in Little Rock , and remained until she graduated. During all these years the memory of Capt. Lynch, who brought these girls away from the Mormons, had been cherished fondly by them. They [col 3] were very much grieved to hear in January, 1893, that Capt. Lynch was seriously ill at his home in Washington City .
In this letter it was stated that Capt. Lynch had signified his intention of leaving all his
property to the survivors of the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Sarah, moved by a feeling of gratitude for all that Capt. Lynch had done for them, immediately wrote to him, offering to come to Washington and wait upon him as his nurse. He, in the meantime, had grown better, and responded to her letter. A lively correspondence was then carried on between the two for about a year by which time Cupid had done his work. The little infant, now 37 years old, gave her hand and heart to the hero of her dreams who had rescued her from the Mormons thirty-five years before, and who was now 75 years old. They are now living happily together at Woodbury, Calhoun County , Ark.
Contributed by Burr Fancher. Rebecca Dunlap Evans
Hampton Cemetery
in Calhoun County, Arkansas.
Above is the headstone of Sarah Dunlap Lynch.
MMMF member Jim Fletcher placed a Foundation marker on the grave of Sarah Dunlap Lynch,
Above is the headstone of Captain James Lynch.
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